5:40 pm - Tuesday January 3, 2017

You Don’t Like A Holiday Gift And You Didn’t Get A Receipt — Here’s What You Can Do

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Has someone ever handed you a gift during the holidays that made you pull one of these?

Yeah, same. Even people with the best poker faces can’t help but grimace at bad perfume and clothing that makes them wish they were never born.

And you’ve likely been there more than once. If you’re not a garbage heap with legs, you probably didn’t say, “Listen, Susan. I want to light this sweater on fire,” and then ask for a gift receipt when she handed you a knitted monstrosity. Luckily, you can just be an ass behind closed doors and dispose of said gift by donating and selling new and gently used stuff you don’t want.

You won’t be able to sell the sweater once you’ve taken a grill lighter to it, but for everything else, here are a few tips for dealing with unwanted gifts.

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