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Twitter nuts: If you think Aurora shooter might be mentally ill, you’re racist

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Twitter is a large place, where virtually all points of view have a voice.

This week, in some corners of the Twittersphere, there are people claiming that alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes is receiving lenient treatment from the criminal justice system and media due to his race.

If he were black, these Twitter users argue, no one would be raising the possibility that Holmes is mentally ill. Rather, Holmes would have been killed by police before he was taken into custody.

Yes, really, there are people who believe that:



Everyone talks about how "educated" James Holmes is…if he were black it'd be about how violent & ignorant he is. #TheaterShooting #media

— Jonesie (@AwkwardGirlLA) July 22, 2012


They are making so many excuses for this honkey James Holmes..if he was black he would have been dead on site

— lover boy (@_BuddyLove253__) July 23, 2012




Fuck James Holmes cause if he was black he wouldn't have even made it to jail. They would've shot him dead on the scene

— FOREVER_FADED™✂️ (@DG_HEARTlESS) July 23, 2012



Since James Holmes is white he's still a suspect… if he was black or Hispanic things would be so different

— Dani (@daniellyyss) July 23, 2012


If James Holmes was a black man, there would be no commentary on his education or mental health. He would be a dead man.

— Nay. (@NayBaduu) July 23, 2012

James Holmes knew wtf he was doing. If he was black they wouldn't have said he was mentally ill

— Dashia (@dashia_dukes) July 23, 2012

White murderers get protected too much under our laws. The Marine who shot 16 Afghans. James Holmes, George Zimmerman Latino/White

— Marcus Maxximista (@ido4me_period) July 23, 2012



How the fuck can you be "Mentally Ill" but you have a PHD in Neuroscience? Fuck you James Holmes and Fuck this racist country!

— Kevin Pocasangre (@K_Pocasangre) July 24, 2012


On a related note, a few Twitter users appear to be claiming that Holmes himself is racist, despite the fact that most of the people he killed were white.


RACISM is STILL VERY MUCH "ALIVE & ACTIVE" – aka "George Zimmerman" OVER the "James Holmes" & Other CRAZY, LOONEY TUNE, SICK, COO-KOO, NUTS

— REGGIE STARKE (@REGGIE147REG) July 21, 2012

Racism is still a huge factor in this country..Fuck casey anthony, george zimmerman, and james holmes!!!!!

— Nino Brown (@Tay_GotDaJuice) July 23, 2012

Of course, if Holmes is convicted, that will be construed as evidence of racism, too:


Still others wonder if the Aurora shooting was a false flag operation to divert attention from the real villain:


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/24/racial-angle/

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