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This Little Pup Is Just Floppin’ Around Now, But He Could Save Lives One Day

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This Little Pup Is Just Floppin' Around Now, But He Could Save Lives One Day

Each year, approximately 150 people are killed in avalanches.

Although that number is relatively small, the prospect of such a tragedy weighs heavily on the minds of those working to keep people on hiking expeditions and ski trips happy and safe. Rescue missions to save adventurers trapped under snow, ice, and debris are arduous, since the human body is about three times denser than most of this material. That means victims who get trapped sink quickly.

Fortunately, avalanche rescue dogs are often tasked with helping out human rescuers in those circumstances. Using their powerful noses, these skilled pups sniff out people who find themselves caught under feet of snow.

The dogs who work at Vail Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado are invaluable members of their search-and-rescue team.

Facebook / Kathy Carter

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One of their newest members goes by the name of Jake, and as you can see, he’s the cutest guy around.

He really knows how to work that outfit, am I right?

To learn more about what goes into training these special canines (and to bask in Jake’s preciousness), check out the video below!

I’m not saying I’d be okay with getting trapped in the snow for a chance to meet Jake, but just kidding, yes I am.

If you’d like to go the safer route and plan a trip to Vail, be sure to check this out!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/mountain-rescue-pup/

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