9:11 pm - Thursday January 19, 2017

This Bird Has An Unhealthy Obsession With Paper Towels. And It’s So Cute.

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To most human people, paper towels are used for cleaning. That’s that. You’ll find them in most homes, probably in the kitchen or cupboard, and they’re not terribly exciting.

But do you know who loves paper towels? This little bird. There’s nothing else in the world that makes this tiny fella skip and dance like a double roll of Bounty towels.

Check him out, he can’t get enough!

I will never be this happy about anything in life.

I would love to know a joy like that. Maybe I’ll start playing with paper towels, too. This might be the cheapest key to happiness ever.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/bird-towel/

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