1:35 am - Tuesday August 9, 2016

Roseanne Barr accuses both Chick-fil-A and Republicans of homophobia

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Roseanne Barr accuses both Chick-fil-A and Republicans of homophobia


This hate-filled rant received support in the ironic form of hating on hate:

@TheRealRoseanne either way, there is too much hatred in this country. Actually sad to see and or hear and yet it occurs daily.

— Sheryl Carter (@spunky3825) August 3, 2012

Others used it as an excuse to beat the drums for their own hate:

@TheRealRoseanne let them eat the crap we will live longer eventually we win

— brian equality brown (@brianfromnj) August 3, 2012

@therealroseanne no problem by me! Their food is a grade below dog food anyway…

— Laura Ann ∞ (@CarrLa121) August 3, 2012






Or promote their own agenda:

@TheRealRoseanne You are allowed to speak your mind, but not if it is hurtful to others. Read up on it people!! pic.twitter.com/C2OnPhGo

— Laura Ann ∞ (@CarrLa121) August 3, 2012

Some folks can see it for what it really is, though:

@TheRealRoseanne Just cannot handle all the support for Chick Fill-A can you? So you go on the warpath….

— Gary Rumer (@153624fireorder) August 3, 2012


As Twitchy reported earlier, the concept that a restaurant owner has a right to speak freely is an idea so simple even a celebrity can understand it.

Well, some celebrities. Obviously not Roseanne.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/03/roseanne-barr-accuses-both-chick-fil-a-and-republicans-of-homophobia-claims-fast-food-is-shit-slop/

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