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It Looked Like This Baby Was Born Holding An IUD, But Here’s The Actual Truth

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By now you’ve probably heard about a baby being born in Alabama holding his mother’s IUD, but is that what really happened?

New mom Lucy Hellein found out she was having a baby just weeks after she had the Mirena IUD, an intrauterine device that provides birth control, inserted into her uterus. Doctors weren’t able to remove it because she was already pregnant and had to wait until after she had her baby. When she gave birth to her newborn son, Dexter, she shared a photo of him holding the contraceptive, causing people to believe he was gripping it when she welcomed him into the world.

However, that isn’t the case. Hellein said her doctor found the IUD behind her placenta after Dexter was born and that it was placed it into his hand for the photo.

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(via MommyPage)

Hellein’s doctor thinks she got pregnant around three weeks after the IUD was placed, while a nurse practitioner from Planned Parenthood believes she was already pregnant when it was inserted. Be sure to share with all your friends and family so they can get the real facts behind this story.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/baby-holding-iud/

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