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Divorced Couple Lured Women Into A House Of Torture With Newspaper Ads

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In Germany, a divorced couple are stranding trial for kidnapping, torturing, and killing at least two women.

Wilfried W. and his ex-wife, Angelika B., lived together in Hoxter, Germany. Although they were divorced, they told neighbors that they were brother and sister. Using “lonely hearts ads” in newspapers, they began luring women to their house in 2013.

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According to Angelika, the duo planned to murder the women, then steal their life savings.

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Wilifried would lure women to the house with newspaper ads, then torture them. At least two women were forced into domestic servitude and then murdered.

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Chief prosecutor Ralf Meyer described one of the murders in a press conference, saying, “The victim suffered again and again from very serious physical torture like being hit all over the body, chained to heaters, being enslaved, and beaten.”

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Wilfriend and Angelika first came under suspicion when they called an ambulance. They’d been attempting to drop a victim at her own apartment to die, but their car broke down. She later died at the hospital of a brain hemorrhage.

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Forensics experts then made a grisly discovery. There had been at least one more female victim. She was stored in a freezer, dismembered, and then burned in the couple’s fireplace.

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As of now, police are unsure how many other victims there might have been. Wilfried and Angelika are being held at separate prisons, and will begin trial on Wednesday, October 26.

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To learn more about this horrifying case as it develops, click here.

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