9:31 pm - Sunday March 19, 2017

Did the stage-crasher spit in his hand before meeting Trump?

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Multiple journalists have now identified the Twitter account of Donald Trump stage-crasher ThomasDimassimoas that of @younglionking7:

Which is important because if this tweet really is fromDimassimo, it’s pretty damn gross:

He’s also pissed that Secret Service agents ripped his band shirt while arresting him:


CNN interviewedDimassimo a few moments ago, but didn’t ask him about the alleged spitting incident:

OMG. We’re not sure CNN could portray him in a better light if they tried.

@younglionking7 posted a segment of the clip as well:

Thanks CNN for giving this criminal a platform!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/03/13/did-stage-crasher-thomas-dimassimo-really-spit-in-his-hand-before-shaking-hands-with-donald-trump/

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