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Despicable: Libs say layoff bomb is ‘revenge’ by ‘un-American’ businesses

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Libs are already out in full force trying to excuse and minimize the layoff bomb created by President Obama’s destructive policies.

Business owners are heartbroken by the massive layoffs necessitated by Obama’s reelection and the certainty of further economic burdens. And many more layoffs are in the works.

But is the president to blame for that? Pfft. According to Obama apologists, it’s those petty, vindictive Rethuglicans tossing around pink slips like they’re confetti. It’s all about spiting Obama by collapsing the economy, natch.

How the media will cover these companies laying off workers b/c of ObamaCare: “Corporations fire workers for revenge against Obama vote.”

— Ian McNulty (@iMcNulty82) November 9, 2012

Twitter libs are hard at work pushing this narrative for the lapdog media to run with.

Employers firing people after Obama’s victory? Store owners closing their stores after Obama’s victory? It’s uncalled for and Unamerican.

— Jeff Artis (@JeffArtis) November 9, 2012

Wow so they firing people because Obama won…smh this world is sad

— A Creole Beauty(@MsLafleur) November 9, 2012

Your insanely loose use of the word tyranny is ironic, at best. Firing people as revenge for Democracy is vile. #layoffbomb @constitutionlo1

— DittoWatch (@DittoWatch) November 9, 2012

@azdude88 @jamestharris Small businesses are firing people for retribution Not for any legitimate reason

— Jared (@derajmnosnhoj) November 9, 2012

@michellemalkin Way to show their protest by firing people. F’ing loser right wing sore loser owners. Same retards tweeking wall street.

— Freedom Defender (@Irishkid2012) November 9, 2012

Can anything be done about these employers firing people because Obama won?

— GenVG (@GenVG1) November 8, 2012

@becca51178 They are firing people because Mitt Romney lost the election, not because the election itself had any impact on their business.

— Whiskey Arcade (@WhiskeyArcade) November 8, 2012

I can’t believe employers are laying off employees just because President Obama won?? #Bullshit

— Sandeep (@MrEngnr) November 9, 2012

We seriously need to boycott ANY company laying off workers because Obama won. You guys think your business will struggle now?#justwait

— Fluffhead Was a Man (@fluffhead67) November 8, 2012

Any company laying off employees because of Obama re-election or health care costs is un-American & probably using tax shelters anyway.

— Killwave (@Killwaveband) November 8, 2012

Employers laying off just to prove a point, ruining people’s lives trying to be hardasses over Obama reelection #Disgusting

— Seth Murray (@Seth_Murray) November 8, 2012

Those slugs are laying off people already as a result of the Obama win! They want a recession

— DJ TALL GUY (@DJTALLGUY) November 8, 2012

All these Merican companies laying off employees because of the election #Unamerican #poorloosers

— Tommy Chapman (@ChapmanTommy) November 9, 2012

GOP business owners doing their part to keep unemployment high by laying off employees to spite them for Obama victory washingtonpost.com/business/econo…

— John V. Moore (@johnvmoore) November 9, 2012

Those victims of revenge #layoffs should band together and start competitive businesses and show (cont) tl.gd/juo62r

— Giulia Gouge (@giuliag) November 9, 2012


Elections have consequences and these consequences were completely predictable. It’s President Obama who framed the election as an opportunity for revenge, not the thousands of businesses devastated by the Obamacare mandate, the War on Coal and other destructive policies.

President Obama is scheduled to deliver a statement on the economy today. There’s no crummy video about Islam to blame for these layoffs, but somehow we expect he’ll find a way to pass the buck for this unfolding economic catastrophe.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/11/09/despicable-libs-claim-layoff-bomb-is-revenge-by-un-american-business-owners/

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